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(Normal Pets)
(Breed Only Pets)
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=== Breed Only Pets ===
=== Breed Only Pets ===
[[Blood Chameleon]]
[[File:Chameleon egg.png]] [[File:Blood chameleon.png]] (Male) [[File:Blood chameleonf.png]] (Female)
=== Event Only Pets ===
=== Event Only Pets ===

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The following is a list of Pets

Normal Pets


Apocalypse egg.png Apocalypse war.png Apocalypse pestilence.png Apocalypse famine.png Apocalypse death.png


Aqua egg.png Aqua joan.png Aqua mel.png Aqua.png

Breed Only Pets

Blood Chameleon

Chameleon egg.png Blood chameleon.png (Male) Blood chameleonf.png (Female)

Event Only Pets